Crown and Caps

Every king or queen needs a crown. Get a smile fit for royalty!

A crown may be necessary for several reasons: to strengthen a weakened tooth; cover a particularly bad cavity, or for cosmetic reasons. Letting a cavity or infected tooth go too long can result in serious oral harm that can result in root canals or extractions. Whatever your reason for having a crown procedure may be, we have the best dentists in Crown Point that will help you decide which option will best suit your individual needs

What is a dental crown?

A crown, sometimes called a cap, is a covering that is placed over a damaged or worn-down tooth to help strengthen the tooth and provide improved appearance, alignment, and shape. If our skilled dentists determine that crown may be right for you, the first step is to numb the tooth and surrounding area using a local anesthetic, so that the damaged tooth can be filed down, and the crown can be later be cemented onto the tooth. An impression of the filed tooth is then made using putty and a high tech digital scanner to ensure that the crown fits perfectly. Our caring staff will then work with you to decide which material to use for your crown, as we here at Dentists in Crown Point have several options to best suit your needs. After the tooth is filed and the molds have been taken, a temporary crown will then be placed over the tooth until your custom mold is ready. The process is usually completed in less than a few weeks and you’ll be back to grinning ear-to-ear in no time at all.

While the process of undergoing a crown procedure may seem daunting, we here at Dentists in Crown Point, will take every step possible to guarantee your comfort along the way, always maintaining your needs as our number one priority. You can put your trust in the most caring and professional team of dentists to provide you with the least invasive, most efficient crown procedure available. Contact us today to schedule a consolation and get your smile back!

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