Root Canal

Stop the pain associated with debilitating toothaches today! See if a root canal is right for you by consulting with the most knowledgeable and helpful dentists in Crown Point.

Despite the dread that is commonly associated with root canals, they are one of the most common and simple procedures practiced in dentistry. Root canals are quick, relatively painless, and a much better alternative than extraction.

What is a root canal?

A root canal is a simple dental procedure that removes the infected pulp in a tooth that has been exposed due to decay or injury. Pulp is the soft inner of the tooth that nourishes the tooth and provides feeling. When a root canal is performed, the infected pulp is first removed, and the cavity created by the lack of pulp is then filled in to prevent infection. Finally, a crown or cap is placed over the tooth.

By performing a root canal, our skilled dentists can save your tooth before it decays to the point where it must be extracted. If a tooth is extracted it must be replaced by a dental implant or bridge in order to avoid deterioration of the jawbone itself around the area of extraction. Having a root canal performed also eliminates the terrible toothaches that accompany infected pulp. Save your tooth before it’s too late!

Patents often shudder with fear when they hear the words “root canal” but rest easy knowing that you are in the compassionate hands of our dentists who will take every step possible to ensure your comfort. Local numbing is usually enough to guarantee a pain-free experience, but we are prepared to accommodate you in whatever fashion may be necessary. Take pride in knowing that you will be in the care of the most thoughtful and gentle dentists Crown Point has to offer.

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